Student Rights and Responsibilities


Student Rights:

  • Participation in the services provided by DSPS is entirely voluntary.
  • Receiving support services or instruction though DSPS shall not preclude the student from also participating in any other course, program or activity offered by Shasta College or from receiving basic accommodations required by federal law.
  • Students have the right to participate in an academic environment free of disability harassment or discrimination.
  • Students must provide written consent for the release of any records maintained by DSPS personnel pertaining to the student's disability.


Student Responsibilities:

Students receiving services and/or instruction through DSPS shall:

  • Provide DSPS with the necessary information, documentation and/or forms (medical, educational etc.) to verify their eligibility.
  • Comply with the Student Code of Conduct adopted by Shasta College as provided in the college catalog.



Education Code Sections 67310, 84850; Title 5, Sections 56000 et. seq.;
Section 504 Rehabilitation Act of 1973; Title 2, Americans with Disabilities
Act Title III-4.2300