Learning Disability Assessment 

To qualify for accommodations and services as a student with a learning disability a student needs to do the following:

  1. Submit a completed Learning Disability Intake Screening packet from the DSPS office in room 2012.  This screening packet asks you to describe your educational history, academic strengths and weaknesses, and whether other conditions, such as vision or hearing impairments, might also be affecting your academic progress.
  2. If you have previously been assessed for learning disabilities by another college, community agency, or high school, complete the DSPS Record Request.pdfRecord Request.pdf  Once this is completed please return this page with your application to the DSPS office.  We will then fax it off to the other agency for them to complete. After they have returned the required documentation to our office we will then phone you at the number you have listed on your documentation to schedule your first appointment. 
  3. Schedule an appointment with the DSPS Learning Disability Specialist (242-7790).
  4. The Learning Disability Specialist will evaluate your educational background, possible symptoms of a learning disability, and previous assessments that may have been done, and determine whether further assessment is necessary.