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Associate Dean of Student Services

Sandra Hamilton Slane
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DSPS Main Office  (530) 242-7790 

Michele Johnson DSPS Sr. Staff Secretary

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Kimberly Bottum, DSPS Staff Secretary

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DSPS Counselors

Kendall Crenshaw, Learning Disability Specialist
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As a Learning Disability Specialist I assist students who have disabilities with perceiving, organizing, retrieving or expressing information. I joined Disabled Students Programs and Services in 1999 and am certified by the California Community College Chancellor’s Office to conduct learning disability assessments and determine eligibility for services.

People with learning disabilities often find that they can learn some types of information quite well, but have severe difficulty learning other types of information. The purpose of learning disability assessment is to measure many kinds of abilities and knowledge and evaluate which ones are strong, and which ones are not. When sharing the assessment results with students I believe that it is very important to review the student’s strengths and discuss strategies for using them in order to succeed. If there are areas of weakness then I can discuss methods of strengthening those areas, and how to access services that can help.


Diana Hamar, Counselor for Students with Disabilities
(530) 242-7790

The quote on my door reads, “Dreams are renewable. No matter what our age or condition, there are still untapped possibilities within us and a new beauty waiting to be born.”  - Dr. Dale Turner.  Believing this philosophy to be true is the underlying reason I have always worked with students with disabilities in a variety of institutions over the years.

Joining DSPS in 1995 began my journey towards the very fulfilling position of the Counselor for Students with Disabilities. This role enables me to maintain close contact with students who may face obstacles as they enter college, often as a result of life changing events. As a marriage family therapist, I learned that giving others hope not only touches the individual’s life, but all they come in contact with. Watching this ripple effect as students develop a new dream and goals for the future is one of my greatest joys, one I would like to share as often as possible.

Learning Services

Andrea Cooper, DSPS Paraprofessional
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Assistive Technology Lab

Ron Vanorden, DSPS Paraprofessional
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Pat Calbreath, DSPS Paraprofessional
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