Individuals that are applying for services with DSPS for a condition that has been diagnosed by a licensed medical professional will need to fill out the following forms:

 DSPS Application for Services.pdf and the  Disability Documentation Form.pdf​

Individuals that are applying for services with DSPS under Learning Disability will need to compete our Application for Services as well as our Learning Disability Packet.  While the application is available online you will need to pick up the Learning Disability Packet from the DSPS Office located at Shasta College Main Campus, or request it to be sent to one of our off-site locations such as the Red Bluff Campus.  If you need to request documentation from an outside source please use the following forms

Turn in your DSPS application to the DSPS office and then take the  LD Records Request to the office/school you were tested at. 

Moving on to another Community College or University?  Use our Record Release.pdf to have your accommodation records transferred.