Shasta College DSPS Contacts

 Main Office 
(530) 242-7790 

Use this number to schedule appointments with a DSPS counselor, fill out an application, or find out about services that are available.


Assistive Technology / Alternate Media Specialist

Ron VanOrden
(530) 242-7833 

Ron and other DSPS paraprofessionals train students to use specific programs and devices (especially computer-based), place adjustable tables and chairs in classrooms, provide audio-formatted text for students who are eligible, and assist students in the DSPS Assistive Technology Lab located in Room 2004.


Learning Services / Test Accommodations

Andrea Cooper
(530) 242-7793 

This office coordinates three services; services for students who are deaf/hard-of-hearing (interpreting and captioning), note-providing, and testing accommodations.  Students are recruited to provide copies of their classroom notes and share them with a student who has a disability and cannot take notes.  There are four testing rooms in Room 2007 that are monitored by staff for students authorized to use extended test time or a quiet environment.