Shasta College DSPS 
 Disabled Students Programs and Services

Room 2006
(530) 242-7790

Intake – eligibility screening 

All students who receive services from our office have met specific criteria which includes documentation verifying that they have a disability or qualifying condition.

 Specialized counseling 

Having a disability or condition alone does not qualify a student for our services.  It must also be determined that this condition or disability substantially interferes with the student’s educational activities.   Students meet with specialized counselors to identify these limitations and to receive referrals for assistance.

In addition, the counselors coach the students on how to set up their schedule, complete educational plans, offer career guidance, and consult with students over specific disability-related issues.

A formal Learning Disability assessment can be completed by our LD Specialist.  Many students who performed poorly in previous educational settings have an undiagnosed Learning Disability.  The multi-session testing process allows us to identify the specific learning disability and provide appropriate accommodations that frequently lead to substantially improved academic confidence and achievement.

 Learning Services Office (LSO – Room 2007) 

Almost all students who are authorized to receive accommodations due to a disability use some form of learning service.  Services  include

Note-providers – students in the same classes who provide additional copies of class notes.  Faculty will be asked to inform LSO staff if notes are already posted online.  Faculty are also invited to offer an incentive such as extra credit for students willing to serve as note-providers.

Testing Center – the students who require alternative testing formats such as extended time, distraction-free environment, audio-taped tests, can receive these services in a testing center which is proctored by Instructional Paraprofessional staff.

Sign Language Interpreters / real-time captioning – for students with hearing impairments.

 Assistive Technology 

The assistive technology lab in room 2004 is staffed from 8-5 with paraprofessionals who can train students on the use of various forms of assistive technology.  The staff also provide the audio or Braille format for texts required for some students. 

 Specialized Classes – ADAP 

Many students require a basic level of education in subjects such as computer skills, math, reading, and college success.  These classes are listed in the catalog under ADAP heading.    

 Consultation to faculty and staff – the staff of DSPS are available to assist all employees of Shasta College.  There are several specific roles we fulfill on campus.

Consultation – Faculty frequently call to discuss ways to support the learning needs of students with disabilities.  Instructors also refer students to DSPS for assessment and enrollment in the program. 

Testing Center – this is actually more of a service to faculty than to students.  Faculty are required to meet the authorized accommodations for tests as authorized by the DSPS staff.  However, most departments do not have the time and resources available to meet this need, and rely upon the testing center instead.

Closed-Captioning – All video material that is shown in any class is required to be captioned.  In the past, the Learning Center has arranged for captioning of video-based material.  At this point, the DSPS office is providing this service.  Several weeks advance notice is required, along with copyright permission. 

 Staff Contacts 

 Director                                   Sandra Hamilton Slane                      242-7799

LD Specialist                           Kendall Crenshaw                             242-7798

Counselor                                Diana Hamar                                    242-7796

Learning Services Staff        Andrea Cooper                                  242-7794

Alt Technology Lab                Ron VanOrden                                   242-7833

                                                 Pat Calbreath                                     242-7833

Office Staff                              Kimberly Bottum                                 242-7790