Application Process

You can apply to PACE online. Go to the Shasta College Online Portal​ and enter your Shasta College username and password (if you have never used the Shasta College online portal, first click “New User Start Here”).  Select the "AIM" button and choose the option "New Student Application". Submit your completed application and we will contact you with the next step as soon as possible.

If you would like more detailed instructions about how to apply to PACE, please use our​ ​Student application guide.pdf

Moving on to another Community College or University?  Use our Record Release.pdf to have your accommodation records transferred.


Transitioning from High School to College

How different is High School from College?  Click High School vs. College to find out. 

Transitioning to college with a Learning Disability?  Fill out our Record Request.pdf and take it to your High School or qualified medical professional to request the records of your previous assessments.  If the required testing has not been completed testing may be done here at Shasta College for currently enrolled students only. 
For students with a dia​gnosis from a licensed medical professional documentation will need to be completed by your current medical professional Disability Documentation Form.pdf​.
Please visit our FAQ Page for further information regarding IEP'S and confidentiality questions. ​


​National Voter Registration Act​

Under the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) of 1992,  PACE is designated as an Agency-Based Registration Site where students are offered information, voter registration application forms, and the opportunity to become registered voters. 

There is no obligation to register to vote and the student's decision will have no effect on services offered by PACE. We will not ask any information related to your voting or political beliefs.

Voter registration information and online application forms are also available at the website for the Secretary of State of California.  ​​

Student application guide.pdfStudent application guide.pdf​​