Captioning for Distance Education Classes

Shasta College
NOTICE:  Distance Education Captioning of Audio/video material 


As an instructor providing distance education, you have undoubtedly heard of the legal requirements to provide captioning with any audio/video formatted instructional material in your courses.

Most instructors are perfectly willing to comply with these requirements, but just don’t know how.  This notice is intended to provide you with easy access to vendors who can provide this captioning to you, at no cost to you or Shasta College.  These vendors are approved and funded by a special grant through the Chancellor’s Office.


Material to be captioned must already be purchased – this grant cannot pay to purchase materials – even if they are captioned.

For the purpose of this grant funding, distance education is defined below.

For practical purposes, this means that a class offered fully online or
telecourse (ITV) qualifies as distance education. (Online and telecourse
formats are used here as examples—distance learning can take many
formats.) For a hybrid class, though, one needs to consider the percentage
of hours that are offered via distance and on-campus/face-to-face. For a
hybrid class to qualify as distance education for the purposes of DECT funding,
at least 51% of the hours of instruction must be offered via distance.

Next Step 

Now, for the best news of all.  In order to make this process as straightforward as possible for you, your requests will all be facilitated by Ron VanOrden, DSPS Paraprofessional for Assistive Technology at Shasta College.  Ron will coordinate with instructors to access the material needing captioned and arrange for the captioning and payment.

Contact information 
(530) 242-7793         

If you need more information about this service or any assistance with providing access to students with disabilities, feel free to contact me.