In order to apply to the College to Career Program you should be:
  • An adult (18 years of age or older) with an intellectual disability, as defined by being: 
  • Eligible for Far Northern Regional Center (FNRC) services due to an intellectually disablity (ID)
  • Eligible for FNRC services with any other qualifying condition and a Full Scale IQ (FSIQ) of 85 or below
  • Unsure about your qualifying disabilty and willing to complete processes to determine your eligibility
  • A Department of Rehabilitation participant or eligible and willing to become a participant during their C2C application process
  • Able to attend classes, work, and other program related activities regularly and reliably
  • Willing to learn to travel to school and work independently (e.g. by bus) if you are not already able to do so
  • Able to participate in the college campus independently and without supervision
  • Able to follow the Shasta College Student Standards of Conduct

Additionally students should be:

  • Motivated to attend college and work
  • Have a desire to obtain permanent, competitive paid employment
  • A commitment to spending the time needed for school related activities such as:
      • Classes
      • Homework
      • Accessing support services (tutoring, counseling, financial aid, workshops, etc.)
      • Meeting with program staff
      • Participating in extracurricular activities (theater productions, athletic events, clubs, etc.)

C2C is a commitment for participants who want to gain an educational foundation working towards their job goals. C2C is not a vendored service of the Far Northern Regional Center. C2C is also not affiliated with K-12 Special Education services or governed by the IEP process and does not take the place of a or serve as a transition age program. Students or families interested in and/or eligible for 18-22 transition service should contact their local school district.