College to Career (C2C)

Adults, 18 years or older, who are clients of the Far Northern Regional Center (FNRC) due to an Intellectual Disability, can join C2C to complete a 3 year program that will help you find employment when you are done. If you are or are willing to become a client of the Department or Rehabilitation (DOR) they will help you with financial and other supports to complete the College to Career (C2C) program at Shasta College.
You must be:
·        Interested in working
·        Committed to a Curriculum_and_Activities_Overview.pdf3 year training program that is designed to fit your interests and goals
·        Willing to participate in program activities 4-5 days per week
·        Able to be on campus independently without supervision
Read the College to Career information sheet.pdfCollege to Career information sheet for a basic overview of the program and review the website to learn more about C2C and how to apply!

Now Accepting Applications

Contact the director to find out more:

Amber Perez
Phone: 530-242-7795
Fax: 530-225-4876

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