Headphones vs. Hearing Loss

The Journal of the American Medical Association states that 1 in 5 US teens suffers from the same degree of hearing loss comparable to the age-related loss normally found in adults in their '50s & '60s.  News articles on the research being conducted are easy to find on the internet today.  A few examples are these from The National Post, Children's Hospital Blog, and Live Science

With the increase in hearing loss not yet explained, personal music players are getting a lot of the initial blame.  They are portable which makes it easy to want to use them to drown out background noise.  Trying to eliminate hearing the noise around you also means you are more likely to listen to the device at an unsafe level.  It has become a common occurrence to hear someone else's music loud and clear while they are using ear-bud style headphones.  Occasionally there may be a battle of music going on around you as more than one person has their personal music player blaring in your air space, especially if you are in a room with teenagers.  As we give up and start sounding like our parents yelling "TURN THAT DOWN" I realize we're just one step closer to yelling "YOU KIDS GET OFF MY LAWN!". 


Hearing Loss Prevention:  How Loud is Too Loud?

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