Interpreter/Transliterator Services

Interpreters/Transliterators are provided to students who have a disability such as deafness or being hard-of-hearing. This is to facilitate communication between instructors, the student, and their class-mates during regular class meetings. In addition, interpreters can be provided for counselor meetings, tutoring sessions, student/instructor conferences, classroom field trips, and any other activity that is classroom or academic related.
The student is required to make the request and must give at least a one-week notice (when possible) to ensure interpreter availability. Without the one-week notification, the Partners in Access to College Education cannot guarantee the timely provision of an Interpreter/Transliterator.
If a student does not show up for a scheduled class, the interpreters will remain in the class for 15 minutes for every hour of scheduled class time. If the class is 3 hours in duration, the interpreters will wait 45 minutes before leaving.
To become eligible for interpreting services, students must first submit verification of a medical need for the service (i.e., current audiogram, statement from a physician or licensed professional, etc). A disability verification form may be obtained from the Office of Disability Service Programs for Students in room 2006. Students must then make an appointment to see the Disability Counselor. Counseling appointments are made by calling the Partners in Access to College Education or in room 2006. The Disability Counselor will authorize any necessary academic support services, including but not limited to interpreting.​