Note Providing, Scribes, and Readers

Note providing arrangements can be made for students who have a disability, limiting their ability to take in-class notes.
Scribes (writers) are provided to students requiring assistance in producing written material. Scribes write down material dictated by students for examinations.
Reader services are provided for students who cannot access regular printed text. Readers are provided for examinations and textbook and reading assignments that are not readily available in an audio format.

Students with an accommodation to receive notes

To access your notes, click the following link:  NOTES

If you need assistance logging in or getting your notes from this site, you can get help from our office by calling 530-242-7790, email us at LSO email, or dropping by the Assistive Technology Training Center (room 2007) M-F 8-4:30.


Note Providers

To upload you notes, click the following link: Upload

Note: If you do not have your login information, please come and see us in the PACE offices (room 2007) or give us a call at 530-242-7790.  You may also reach us by email at LSO email.