The focus of the C2C program is to provide students with tools necessary to obtain jobs related to each student's unique set of abilities, skills, and interests. The College to Career program is a three year program with end goals leading to competitive integrated employment (CIE) for each student. Shasta College's C2C program aims to prepare students for competitive employment that is:

  • Paid at a rate of minimum wage or higher
  • Paid at a rate comparable to non-disabled workers performing the same tasks
  • Not short-term or of limited work hours that are less than what the C2C graduate would like to be working
  • Not a sheltered workshop, any employees with disabilities are integrated with non-disabled staff in the workplace
  • Fitting to their stated interests

Students will enroll in courses related to their education and employment plans tailored to career readiness. The students will participate in job shadowing, volunteer, or internships during their three years in the program, to support their successful transition into competitive employment at the end of the program.