Partners in Access to College Education for students with disabilities

Compliments, Complaints or Comments​

While the campus is closed due to COVID-19 we ask that you contact us by email at we will respond to you as soon as possible.  Please include a current contact phone number and your student ID in your email, as well as a short description of how we can help you.

If you are a current PACE student, more information can be found on Canvas under the PACE on your dashboard. If you don’t see PACE on your dashboard let us know at​

Main Office  (530) 242-7790 ​option #1
email us at

Michele Johnson PACE Sr. Staff Secretary

(530) 242-7790​

Kimberly Bottum, PACE Staff Secretary

(530) 242-7790 

Services and Assistive Technology Center ​(530) 242-7790

Jessica Knight Student Services Analyst PACE
(530) 242-7793

Thomas Simpson PACE Paraprofessional
(530) 242-7794

Kendra Hornbeck PACE & C2C Paraprofessional

Full-Time Interpreter

Karen Wells, PACE Interpreter
(530) 242-7786
Tami Luce, PACE Interpreter
(530) 242-7786

PACE Counselors

Lisa Riggs, Counselor for Students with Disabilities ​


Misty Trujillo, Counselor for Students with Disabilities


Talia Shirer, Counselor for Students with Disabilities​​

Dean of Student Services

Sandra Hamilton Slane

(530) 242-7799​​​​​

Director of C2C and Assistant Director of PACE

Amber Perez
(530) 242-7795