Support Services and Instruction


Support services that are available through the Partners in Access to College Education Counselors include:

  • registration assistance
  • disability related counseling
  • career and personal counseling
  • evaluation of documentation to verify disability and determination of educational limitations
  • determination of specific impact of disability on educational responsibilities each semester
  • authorization of accommodations
  • coordination and referral to campus and community resources
  • advocacy related to disability
  • general education related to disabilities and their impact
  • provision of learning strategies training
  • orientation workshops
  • screening and evaluation for learning disability

Academic accommodations that are directly related to classroom instruction are coordinated through the Partners in Access to College Education Office.  Examples include:

  • use of auxiliary aids
  • scribes
  • note providers
  • specialized tutoring
  • American Sign Language interpreters
  • real-time captioning
  • recorded lectures​
  • proctored course examinations involving the use of accommodations

Accommodations that are categorized as using assistive technology.  Examples include:

  • converting textbooks to an audio format
  • converting printed text to Braille
  • provision of text to voice technology
  • provision of voice to text technology
  • adapted computers
  • assistive technology and software
  • creating raised line course material for the visually impaired
  • provision of computer screen reading technology for the visually impaired
  • provision of enlarged course material
  • arranging for special chairs, tables, and ergonomic devices to be in classrooms for students with back and neck injuries or conditions such as cerebral palsy

Additional accommodations include:

  • specialized orientation to environmental/physical aspects of the district facilities
  • college-wide transportation services that are accessible
  • accommodations for co-curricular activities that are required as part of a class