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Low-to-no cost Breast Cancer Screening:
As of Dec. 1, 2010, the Every Woman Counts breast cancer screening program will provide services to qualifying women age 40 and older. It is estimated that the program will provide services to more than 300,000 women during the current fiscal year. Women can call the program's toll free number to determine if they are eligible (800) 511-2300.

If you have asthma you need a written asthma action plan.  
Ask your medical provider for a written plan and stick to it to reduce hospitalizations and medical expenses. And...DON'T SMOKE...anything!!!


  www.thinkagainshasta.info  a website to give parents, other adults, and the educational community to address underage drinking
  Tobacco - Quit for Good - Free Classes

Wildfire Smoke and Air Quality information:
Shasta County Air Quality Management "Current Air Quality" web link 
Shasta County Wildfire Smoke Information

 Mayo Clinic Medical Information
 http://www.mayoclinic.org/ The Mayo Clinic - Medical information and tools
 for healthier lives, includes a "symptom checker" and FIRST AID Guide
Familydoctor.org   Accurate, credible health information for the whole family, from the American Academy of Family Physicians
Virtual Health Center An on-line resource with links to sites that address health care issues. 
 National Heart, Lung & Blood Institute (NHLBI)  The most up-to-date and accurate heart, blood pressure and cholesterol resources.
College of the Canyons - Nutrition Coach Helping students eat well, be active and feel good about their bodies