Campus Emergencies   

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In emergencies such as, but not limited to, loss of consciousness, breathing difficulties, uncontrollable bleeding, or emotional distress endangering self or others, call 911 from any non-pay campus telephone. You may just dial 9-1-1 from a pay or cell phone. 
  1. Contact CAMPUS SAFETY at 242-7910.  
  3. Remember that the SAFETY OFFICERS on campus are the FIRST RESPONDERS for emergencies. They are the ones who patrol our campus, and know how to dispatch help to various campus locations. They assure that paramedics can locate the victim and assist in transport of the victim to an appropriate medical facility. 
  4. Please do not delay emergency care for the victim by first seeking assistance from the Health & Wellness Office or by going to the Campus Safety Office. This wastes precious seconds in a medical emergency which may delay the Emergency Team response (paramedics). 
  5. Remember: call 911 from Campus phones, 9-1-1 from your cell or pay phone, then 242-7910 for a Campus Safety Officer. 

All student accidents / incidents should be documented by supervising faculty / staff and reported to the Student Health & Wellness Office.  

Student Incident Report Form, 9.3.2013.pdfStudent Incident Report Form, 9.3.2013.pdf

Student Incident Reporting reminders, 2.13.14 Revision.pdfStudent Incident Reporting reminders, 2.13.14 Revision.pdf  

QUESTIONS?? Call the Student Health & Wellness Office at (530) 242-7580 or email us at: ​​