Psychological Counseling Services

Psychological Counseling Intake Packet.pdfPsychological Counseling Intake Packet.pdf

Brief clinical counseling provided by a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) and counseling interns supervised by LCSW.

      Becky Bogener, LCSW 
      Certificated, non-instructional faculty

This service provides assistance to students struggling with stress or troubling personal problems. Real life problems such as work stressors, financial concerns, illness, family pressures, loneliness and relationship issues can be distracting, making it difficult to concentrate on academic work.
Our goal is to assist you with brief personal counseling to deal with the life challenges that can hinder your academic progress. Brief therapy takes into account the uniqueness of each student’s cultural, ethnic, and personal experience.

Student Health counseling services are not meant to be long-term. Community referrals must be made in the event longer term interventions are required. 

Good things to know....  

  • Appointments are usually 45-50 minutes in length.
  • Students are asked to complete an intake packet (completed packet MUST be brought to first appointment)
  • Students arriving more than 15 minutes late for an appointment will be re-scheduled.  Please arrive on time for your appointments!
  • Please call as far in advance as possible if you need to re-schedule an appointment so we can offer
    the hour to someone else.
  • If you do not show for your scheduled appointments or have repeated cancellations, you will be directed to use the counselor's walk in hour(s).
  • "Walk In" times offer 15-20 minutes of brief, focused intervention.

Student Health & Wellness services are available to Shasta College students who have paid the semester health fee and are registered at the time of service in credit-bearing courses for the current semester. Enrollment is verified with each visit.

Please call the Student Health & Wellness office at (530) 242-7580 to schedule an appointment.


Top 10 Mental Health apps

Becky's Presentations (in PDF format)
Stress presentation.pdfStress presentation.pdf
Compassion Fatigue- final version.pdfCompassion Fatigue- final version.pdf

Relaxation Audio Tracks with permission of the University of Texas at Austin

audio tape sample audio tape sample audio tape sample
audio tape sample audio tape sample audio tape sample
audio tape sample audio tape sample audio tape sample


National Alliance on Mental Illness, NAMI, is the nation’s largest grassroots organization
for people with mental illness and their families. Founded in 1979, NAMI has affiliates
in every state and in more than 1,100 local communities across the country. 

Help with Test-taking

Information from Shasta County Health & Human Services Agency
 Departments of Public Health and Mental Health:

Critical thinking processes that can help focus your thinking about a situation.

Stress Management Tools! 
An online group of people connected by their common life situation;
a community of people who understand depression,
anxiety, OCD and addiction.
Find your tribe.....

College of the Canyons - Nutrition Coach with permission of College of the Canyons
Helping students eat well, be active and feel good about their bodies
Explains in layman's terms drug addiction as a brain disease that affects behavior.