Confidentiality and Privacy Statement

Within the last few years there have been major changes in how health care facilities protect your confidentiality, for example, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) privacy rules. This federal law requires health care providers to define and improve the methods used to safeguard private medical information. Indeed, if you have visited your private physician or used a local hospital or clinic, you may already have received specific information as to how the HIPAA privacy rules are to be applied.
The HIPAA rules and regulations do not apply to students receiving services at the Shasta College Student Health & Wellness office. Rather, other federal and state laws apply, particularly the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) that covers all educational records of the College / students. HIPAA rules and regulations DO apply to college employees receiving services (TB testing ) at the Shasta College Student Health & Wellness Office.
Please be assured, however, that your privacy is our foremost concern. Unless specifically required by law or court order, private medical information is not released without the consent of the patient to whom the records pertain. Moreover, further efforts are being made to restrict access to your private medical information, whether in paper or electronic form, only to those who need such information to provide the most effective medical and psychological care to you. Counseling interns in our office may discuss cases with their supervisor, our LCSW psychological counselor, as part of their own learning process. In such instances, our LCSW psychological counselor is bound by the same rules of confidentiality that apply to the counseling intern.
Should you have further questions, please contact us at (530) 242-7580.


An individual record is established when a student visits for health or psychological services. The record, or "chart", is designed to facilitate the physician, nurse or counseling care you receive.

Any information you provide is protected by state law as well as by the Shasta College Student Health & Wellness office policy. Medical and counseling records are confidential, separate from each other, and entirely separate from academic records. Except for the Student Health & Wellness office staff, no member of the College faculty, administration, or staff may see your medical or counseling record without your consent. Parents may not see your record or obtain any information about your medical or psychological condition without your consent (see exception, below). Records are not retained indefinitely - refer to current Board Policy regarding record retention.
No information is released without the specific written permission of the student to whom the record pertains, except in the following cases:
  • Parents of a student who is less than 18 years of age (a legal minor) are notified when a student is seriously ill.
  • Certain communicable diseases are reported to Public Health Official, as required by law.
  • Court order.