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 Methods to Quit Tobacco​

Screen 1.pngThe California Smokers’ Helpline is pleased to announce its new, free quit smoking mobile app for iPhone, No Butts. No Butts uses proven methods to help smokers quit including a personalized quit plan and information about effective quitting aids.

The app also features other useful tools like a personal log of smoking triggers, motivational reminders, and a variety of quit smoking tips.

This free app is currently available only for iPhones but will also be available for Android phones in the future. To download the app from the Apple Store, please click the button below:


Please feel free to share this post with your patients, clients, friends and family. Since this is our first version of the app, we also appreciate any feedback you may have about it. Please feel free to email any comments or suggestions to


The Next 50 Years  

Shasta College is a tobacco-restricted campus
Includes e-cigarettes!

Smoking is only allowed in 3 designated smoking areas located:
     1. Outside east entrance of 1100 building
     2. Outside north entrance of 2300 building
     3. Specific area near the dorms for dorm residents

Spitting of chew tobacco in classrooms (into personal cups, trashcans, etc.) is also prohibited.

Willful non-compliance is a violation of college policy and the Student Code of Conduct.

Helping our respected military with tobacco cessation 


Tobacco Free California
The Health & Wellness Office has tobacco quit kits that can help you prepare for a successful quit.
Pick up a Quit Kit and chat with the college nurse! 

For more information on how to quit, call: 1-800 NO BUTTS.
Quit Kit materials are made possible with funds received from the Tobacco Tax Health Protection Act
of 1988 - Prop. 99, through the California Department of Public Health, under Grant No. 05-45721,
administered by PHFE Inc.


 About e-cigarettes:
The vapor emitted from an e-cigarette is not just water vapor.  At the very least, it contains a propellant.  If it is a nicotine e-cigarette then it also emits nicotine particles in the vapor. 
So – for those nearby there is a “second-hand” exposure to chemicals, similar to other smoked products. Authorities don't necessarily know what's inside of e-cigarettes, which are unregulated and not considered a tobacco cessation aid. Some brands of e-cigarettes have higher amounts of nicotine than regular cigarettes.


For more information: 
FDA Consumer Health Info: 


Community Support with Quitting Tobacco

If you would like to quit tobacco use, please contact our office or check the resources on our COMMUNITY HEALTH RESOURCES sidebar link / or Shasta County Public Health   Quitting Tobacco 

Quit for Good.pdf  Through Mercy Medical Center

This is a FREE 8-session program, offered throughout the year, aimed at helping you quit all types of tobacco use.  The class takes place 2 nights a week.  Please plan on attending all the classes to gain the maximum benefit and increase your chances of quitting successfully.


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