Please be assured your privacy is our utmost concern.  We are committed to keeping your protected healthcare information confidential. Information is shared among healthcare providers providing services to you, on an as needed basis, but information is not released to anyone unless you provide specific written consent. There are some legally required exceptions to this.  The student / health care provider relationship is confidential and information will not be disclosed without your written permission EXCEPT by court order, subpoena, or where disclosure is required or allowed by law including but not limited to:
  • When the patient may harm, or poses a danger to, himself/herself or others, or the camus community
  • When there is reasonable suspicion of child neglect or abuse, including sexual exploitation (Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act Penal Code Sections 11164-11174.3)
  • When there is reasonable suspicion of abuse, or neglect, of the elderly or dependent adults
  • Emergencies
Should you have any questions, please contact Debbie Goodman, College Nurse / Coordinator at (530) 242-7580


An individual record is established when a student visits a licensed provider in the Student Health & Wellness
Office.  The record, or "chart", is designed to facilitate the physician, nurse, or psychological counseling care you receive.

Any information you provide is protected by state law as well as by the Shasta College Student Health &
Wellness Office policy.  Medical and psychological counseling records are confidential and entirely separate
from academic records.  Except for the Student Health & Wellness office staff, no member of the College 
faculty, administration, or staff may see your medical or counseling record without your signed consent.  Parents may not see your record or obtain any information about your condition without your signed consent (see exceptions above).  Records are not retained indefinitely - refer to current Board Policy regarding record retention.

Scope of Service

The scope of services provided is established by Board Policy and Administrative Procedures.  As legislated by Education Code 76322, and Title 5 regulations, the services are based on a public health model.  Services provided include short term clinical care for illnesses and injuries, brief psychological counseling for mental health concerns, crisis intervention, and preventive health promotion.  Healthcare for chronic, long term conditions is not within the scope of the office's services. If needed / requested we can provide contact information for urgent care and community clinics.