Office of Student Life


 Tina Duenas
Tina Duenas
 Office of Student Life
Director of Student Life & Title IX Investigator 
Room 2308 
(530) 242-7622

Allie Hancock

Office of Student Life
Student Services Coordinator
Room 2308
(530) 242-7614

Taylor Mobley
Office of Student Life  
Administrative Secretary I
Room 2308
(530) 242-7623

Alyssa Buendia, Marcio Coimbra, Lara Nural, Melody Villasenor

Student Workers

(530) 242-7626

Meet the Entire 2016/2017 Student Life Crew!

Pictured from left to right: Taylor Mobley, Tina Duenas, Melody Villasenor, Allie Hancock, Alyssa Buendia, Lara Nural, Nick Webb, Marcio Coimbra, Sharon Strazzo and Kevin O'Rorke