Office of Student Life

Posting Guidelines

 Reference: AP 5570

The Office of Student Life approves the posting of materials throughout campus.

Bulletin Board 



It is the purpose of the following procedures of Shasta College to provide uniform guidelines for campus-wide standards in posting publicity material. All materials that do not meet these guidelines will be taken down.




All items 3x5 or smaller do not need the Office of Student Life approval, but must follow the same content guidelines and posting instructions.  All items over 3x5 must be stamped "Approved to post" by the Office of Student Life, Room 2308.  No reproductions of stamps will be accepted (i.e., copies of previously stamped materials).  The only exception is Shasta College produced materials with the official Shasta College logo (see below).

Shasta College Sponsored Postings

All Shasta College sponsored postings (such as department events, student organization activities, etc.) must have the official Shasta College logo and must be approved by the campus Communication Design (Marketing) Department.


No materials promoting drugs, alcohol, or anything that harasses, threatens, or endangers the safety or health of any person. No material containing sexual content or posting that solicit money from students can be posted.


Please  click here for the list of buildings  that have bulletin boards.  With the exception of the campus kiosk outside the Student Center, all posting materials must be on bulletin boards!


1.  Approved postings may be posted on the bulletin boards located across campus with the exception of single subject bulletin boards such as job boards, department specific boards, etc.
2.  Use staples, thumb tacks, push-pins or non-damaging tape only on cork or wood bulletin boards and kiosk in quad.
3.  Posters larger than 11x14 shall be posted underneath the bulletin boards (but may use the very bottom portion of the bulletin board to adhere the poster to).
4.  No material shall be posted on glass doors or windows.
5. All school promoted or non school promoted materials can be posted up to, but not exceeding 14 days.