Office of Student Life


Where do I get a Student ID Card?
You actually purchase the ID card for $10.00 at Admissions & Records (Room 158) and take the receipt to Student Senate (Room 2318) to have your card made on the spot. This card can help you get into Shasta College athletic events for either no charge or a nominal charge. It also allows you to receive discounts at participating businesses around town as part of the Student Senate Discount Agreement
Effective August 15, 2016, Shasta College student's who have purchased a Fall ID card can ride RABA buses for free. 
Where do I get a parking pass?
You can purchase a parking pass for $30.00 from the Business Office (Room 105) or Admissions and Records (Room 158).
How do I get a flyer approved to post?
Shasta College has guidelines for approving flyers. Shasta College sponsored postings must have the official Shasta College logo and be approved through our Marketing Department. Any non-Shasta College materials must be approved through the Office of Student Life (Room 2308) and be stamped. See additional posting guidelines.
How do I schedule a tour?
You can schedule a tour by calling (530) 242-7626. Please have an approximate date and time you'd like ot schedule your tour and we'll take care of the rest!
Do you have a book lending library?
There are a couple of options for those who need help with books. If you are an EOPS student they can likely help with the cost of books. If not, Student Senate has a lending library (located in room 2318) for students to rent for the semester. Although the library is not vast, they have purchase books for the most commonly attended classes here at Shasta College in an attempt to help the most students as possible.
What if I'm in need of housing?
Shasta College offers 63 female and 63 male dorms. You can reserve your place at our Residence Halls (dorms) by filling out a reservation form found on the Residence Hall webpage. The Director of Residence Life can also provide an updated list of off-campus housing by request. They can be reached at (530) 242-7739
What if I need health services while attending Shasta College?
As a Shasta College student you pay a "health fee" upon enrollment. This gives you access to our Health and Wellness Office which provides free psychological counseling, doctor visits and nurse consults.