​Frequently Asked Questions​

When is the 2019 Graduation Ceremony?
Friday, May 24, 2019 (Ceremony to begin promptly at 7:00 p.m.) 
Where will the ceremony be held?
Shasta College Memorial Stadium Football Field

When is practice and is it mandatory? 
Practice will be 10:30am to 12:00pm on the day of graduation at the footbal field. It is NOT mandatory; however, it will be very informative about the process.

How long does the ceremony usually last?
The ceremony will last from 1 1/2 to 2 hours depending on the length of the commencement speaker's speech.
When do students need to arrive to walk in the ceremony?
Graduates and Graduate Candidates must arrive at the Student Center Stage (Cafeteria) no later than 6:00 p.m. to dress, get their reader card, and line-up. 

Is there any type of celebration after the ceremony for graduates, graduate candidates and their guests?
YES!! We hold a reception in the campus quad after the ceremony with desserts, drinks, live entertainment, photo opportunities, a chance to mingle with your favorite faculty, etc.​ All graduates and their guests are invited to attend.
Do I need a cap and gown?
Yes! No Exceptions. A cap and gown is required in order to walk in the commencement ceremony. This can be purchased at the Shasta College Bookstore. You do NOT have to pay until you pick up your cap and gown, so we recommend that you PREORDER the Grad Pack (Cap, gown & tassel) in order to ensure proper sizing. 

How do I get a cap and gown?
Preorder at the Shasta College Bookstore. The total cost is approximately $45.00 plus tax (varies slightly by year). If you reserve your order prior to February 8th, you will receive 10% off of your order. The deadline to purchase your cap and gown online through the Shasta College Bookstore website is March 22, 2019. After that date you must purchase your cap and gown in store. In order to assure that you receive your cap and gown in time for graduation you MUST order no later than April 12, 2019. Graduation announcements are also available at cbgrad.com  For Phi Theta Kappa Regalia - Refer to the Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) website at www.ptk.org  
What should I wear underneath my gown?
You may wear whatever attire you would like underneath your gown as long as it remains appropriate. We do recommend that you wear comfortable shoes that you can easily walk in. You will be walking down/up some hills and on grass so keep that in mind when choosing shoes to wear.
Can I donate my gown back to Shasta College?
Absolutely! We have gown donation drop-offs at the entrance gate of the football field and at the reception in the quad. We save the gowns to be borrowed by students who cannot afford their own but would like to walk.
Can I decorate my cap?
Yes! This is your accomplishment and your commencement ceremony and we want it to be personal to you. Please just ensure that any decorations are appropriate.
Do I qualify for the honors cord?
In order to qualify for the honors cord you must have a 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher at the time that you apply for graduation. If you qualify, your name will appear on the "honors list" that that will be posted in mid-May outside of the bookstore, outside of the Office of Student Life​ (2308), at Admissions and Records, and online (link titled "2019 Honors List.pdf"). If your name appears on the list you can purchase your honors cord at the Bookstore for approximately $11.00 plus tax.
I was on the deans list, does this automatically mean that I qualify for the honors cord?
Unfortunately, no. The deans list is based on the semester GPA only (not cumulative). If your overall GPA is a 3.5 or higher you will then qualify for the honors cord.
What is a "reader card"?
The reader card serves two purposes. First, it will list your full name and the degree(s) or certificate(s) that you've applied for. You must make sure this card is accurate and that you keep it with you until you cross the stage. As you walk onto the platform to receive your degree you hand it to the card reader who will announce your name and degree directly from that card. If you have a difficult name to pronounce you will need to spell it phonetically so that they can sound it out (e.g. Chante Villasenor - "Shawn-te V-ya-seen-your"). Second, the reader card is used to give your information to the official photographers so that you will have an opportunity to order your portraits.
How do I order official photographs from the commencement ceremony?
The official graduation photographers are from GradImages. You should receive a proof of your graduation photo via email a few weeks after the ceremony. You can choose to purchase them through that company at that time or not.
How do I know if I'm eligible to file for a degree/certificate and to walk in the ceremony?
If you think you may be getting close you should make an appointment for a graduation check with the Shasta College Counseling office. They will let you know ahead of time whether you qualify or not. Make an appointment by calling (530) 242-7724.
If it's after the filing period, can I still apply for my degree?
Absolutely! You can fill out the application for a degree or certificate anytime until the end of the semester. The filing period deadline is the cutoff to get your name printed in the graduation program. Although there is a strict deadline the Office of Student Life will make every effort to include everyone who applies until the time that we send the program to print. If you file after the deadline nothing more will be required of you. We request additional names from Admissions and Records each week.
What happens if it rains?
The Office of Student Life will make a determination by 9:00 a.m. on the day of graduation. If the decision is made to move indoor because of rain, the practice and ceremony will be held in the gymnasium. Students will be informed via email and a notice will be posted on the Shasta College homepage.
How many guests can I have and are tickets issued?
Shasta College does not issue tickets to be handed out to guests. As long as it does not rain and the ceremony is held outside there is no limit to the number of guest who can attend. If, however, it does rain and the ceremony is moved indoors to the Gymnasium we encourage students to limit guests to (6) per graduate. This is a courtesy request. In the event of rain, seating will be on a first-come, first-served basis.
What if I'm a graduate or have a family member who needs special accommodations?
Please click on the "Parking and Seating" tab under the main "Graduation" page for more information.
Who should I contact for questions about the status of my degree/certificate application after graduation?
The Admissions and Records Office evaluates all transcripts to determine that every degree requirement has been met. Since this is a manual process it takes some time to complete. You should receive your degree or certificate OR a letter outlining any areas of deficiency in the mail around mid-July. If you do not receive it by that time you can contact them directly to check on the status of your application at (530) 242-7650.

When will my name be in the Record Searchlight? 
The Record Searchlight no longer publishes a special graduation issue during the first week of June. If you would like to place your graduate's "Happy Ad" in the classifieds, please call Record Searchlight at 225-8211 or 243-2424. Cost is $20-$40.
Who should I contact if I have any additional questions about the graduation ceremony?
You will want to contact the Office of Student Life at (530) 242-7626 or email studentlife@shastacollege.edu.
How do I apply?
You may download the degree/ certificate application at http://www.shastacollege.edu/admissions/. ​Click on the 'Forms' tab in the green menu bar and then select 'Degree and Certificate Application' Complete the application and turn it into the Admissions and Records Office. If you indicate that you wish to participate in the graduation ceremony, additional information will be e-mailed to you in March 2019 (please make sure your accurate email address is on file with Admissions and Records).