​Global Expedition Program

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Choose the course that matches your Ope​ration Wallacea destination and complete the form further below:

  • Students who are going to ANY Operation Wallacea destination, BIOL 12 - Field Biology (3 credits/units) presents relevant subject matter associated with the research site and associated activities.  
  • For students going to Operation Wallacea destinations in the Americas (Honduras, Mexico, Dominica, Guyana, Peru and Ecuador), the suggested course is NHIS 5 - Natural History of the Neotropics (3 credits/units).
  • Students going to any Operation Wallacea research site that includes a marine component, but certainly if the site is focused on marine ecology (i.e. Bay Islands, Honduras), ESCI 16 Coastal Marine Sciences (3 credits/units) provides relevant background with coastal research sites and their associated activities.  ​

Compile the following information and complete the Intent to Enroll form below. Enrollment instructions will be sent by e-mail after a review of the submitted information.


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