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Operation Wallacea Supported Courses - Summer 2020

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Please note this page contains information for courses that support Operation Wallacea expeditions and not ​the Shasta College summer expedition with Operation Wallacea. To learn more about that program, please visit

Out-of-District Students

If you are traveling to an Operation Wallacea destination on your own or with a group other than Shasta College, please read the following:

If you are part of a group coordinated by another institution, Shasta College offers science courses that couple with Operation Wallacea destinations. These are fully transferable within the UC and CSU systems and are likely transferable to other universities as well (check with your transfer institution) at a much lower cost. By taking these courses, you will be be better prepared ​for the research projects offered by Operation Wallacea. 

Course Descriptions Related to Operation Wallacea Destinations
These courses involve some pre- and post-expedition online course work that includes readings, assignments, quizzes, exams and multi-media projects based on your expedition experience. Content will also be specifically related to the research project for your Operation Wallacea destination. If you would like to enroll in coursework for transferrable units that corresponds to your Operation Wallacea destination, please complete the following steps:

Shasta College courses that support Operation Wallacea destinations

  • Students who are going to ANY Operation Wallacea destination, but certainly if the site is focused on terrestrial ecology, could enroll in BIOL 12 - Field Biology (3 credits/units).
  • Students going to any Operation Wallacea research site that includes a marine component, but certainly if the site is focused on marine ecology (i.e. Bay Islands, Honduras), could enroll in ESCI 16 Coastal Marine Sciences (3 credits/units).
These courses are fully transferable to the University of California (UC) and California State University (CSU) systems as General Education Life or Physical sciences (BIOL 12 = Life and ESCI 16 = Physical). These courses may be transferable to universities in many other states as well (check with your institution).  

Approximate Course Dates: June 8th - August 14th 2020​

Students Who Are Eligible to Participate

These courses are available to students from most countries around the world. Due to laws in some states*, if you are a United States Citizen, you are eligible to participate if your state is one of the states listed below. Students from Canada ​​are eligible to participate as well. 

Students from the following states can participate:

Alabama​ Hawaii Maine​​
New Jersey
Pennsylvania​ Vermont​
Arizona Idaho Massachusetts New Hampshire ​Rhode Island  Virigina
Colorado Iowa Mississippi  North Carolina​​
​South Carolina ​Washington
Connecticut Illinois Nebraska Ohio ​Tennessee
Florida Kentucky​ Nevada Oregon ​Texas

     *Students in some US states do not allow students who are residents in their states to register for online courses delivered by institutions outside that state unless they are part of the State Authorization Reciprocity Agreement (SARA) and California has, at this time, not joined SARA. However, there are still 25+ states and most countries outside the US, such as Canada, where these credits can be accepted (see above). If you do not see your state of residence listed, then unfortunately, at this time, you are not able to register and take these courses.


    Steps to Enroll

    International students - complete this application in the same manner that the information appears on your passport.

    High School/Sixth Form students - be sure to choose "11-12th grade" within the Shasta College application AND, as a high school student, you must also complete a Concurrent Enrollment form (can be found here), also free! Scan and send the Concurrent Enrollment form to admissions, "Attention Patt Funderburg" at this e-mail:

    • STEP 3: Register for classes! For course section numbers, books assigned, start and end dates and course description, link to MyShasta and log in with your student ID (generated in Step 2). To enroll, select "Summer" term and then use the course prefix (BIOL or ESCI) to search for the classes offered this term. Courses offered for this program are described within the Intent to Enroll page (linked in Step 1). Note: Step 1 and 2 must be completed in order for a student to enroll.  
    ​​​​Students ​MUST ​be enrolled no later than June 1st, 2020. ​Courses may fill prior to this date, so be sure to enroll early to reserve your spot! 


    Tips for success in the course: 

    • Be sure to start the online coursework and purchase your field journals prior to dpearture. 
    • On the trip itself, bring both your field journals and a copy of your field journal assignments.

    Summary of Enrollment Costs

    • For most High School students in the U.S., and for High School/Sixth Form students anywhere in the world, tuition is free but health and campus fees in the amount of $34.50 are applied.
    • For College students who are residents of California, the per unit/credit cost is $46.00 plus the health and campus fees of $34.50.
    • For International College students and College students outside of California (U.S. citizen non-California resident), the per unit/credit cost is $280.00 plus the $46.00 per unit/credit in-state fee (a total of $326.00 per unit/credit) and the health and campus fees of $34.50. International students also pay a $100 one time application fee.  

    Operation Wallacea Research Sites and Mission

    For more information about Operational Wallacea, follow this link: