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The McConnell Foundation - Study Abroad in Laos Fellowship

The McConnell Foundation is sponsoring a delegation from Shasta County to participate in the 2017 Summer Study Abroad in Laos (SAIL) program, a five-week cultural emersion study program hosted by the Lao-American College in Vientiane, Lao PDR.

The SAIL program is offered annually by the Center for Lao Studies, a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco. The McConnell Foundation is offering sponsorship for a select number of youth applicants from Shasta County in order to:​

  • Increase our local community's awareness of the diverse cultures of peoples from Laos;
  • Provide a mechanism for descendants of refugees from Laos to learn thier heritage and the stories of thier elders;
  • And to help preserve the language and culture of the Lao diaspora and minority ethnic groups of Laos.
Selected Fellows will receive full scholarship for the SAIL program tuition and a stipend for travel expenses.

This Fellowship is targeting heritage students - descendants of refugees from Laos - but anyone with passion and commitment to learn Lao language, history, and culture, is encouraged to apply,

For more information on the program and the course credits offered, please visit the SAIL Website here

To learn more about The McConnell Foundation's involvement and to view video and read blogs from last year's trip, click here​
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