Agriculture/Natural Resources Leaders Club

Our Purpose:

Agriculture and Natural Resources is a way of life and a unique family of ranchers, farmers, outdoors men, horticulture, forestry, equestrians and all who work and share this land. We together must protect our heritage and our future which starts with education which no one can take from you.
Our Goals:
To develop leadership abilities in agriculture and natural resources students.
To develop character, citizenship and patriotism in agriculture and natural resources students.
To introduce the students to future careers in agriculture and natural resources.
To enhance the communication between high school and college agriculture and natural resources students.
To build community interest through projects, community services and affiliations.
To generate funds for the purpose of exposing our members to agriculture and natural resources through the world.
To promote bonds between students of different majors - Agriculture, Horticulture, Natural Resources, Equipment Operations, etc.
To keep ties with the local FFA and agriculture high school programs.
To have fun and build lifetime connections with fellow students, community and family.

2015 Officer Team 

 Left to right

Back row:  JD Machado (Weed), Bryer Whetstone (Los Molinos), Tyler Maszk (Woodland), Ben Urricelqui (Palo Cedro)

Front row:  Bailey Brownfield (Red Bluff), Jessica Patrick (Yuba City), Jessica Norris (Cottonwood), Ashley Edwards (Covelo), Trena Kimler-Richards (advisor)​


Harris Ranch 2014.JPG 

Ag Leadership Club on the Ag Industry Tour at Harris Ranch Feed Lot