Intercultural Night
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Intercultural Night Flier 2011

Intercultural Night
An annual event put on by the Shasta College Intercultural Club to bring cultural entertainment and foods to the Shasta College campus.

Intercultural Night is the club's main fundraising event. 

Intercultural Night Poem by Darren Deichen
 It is nice to have friends
from other lands
They make me smile
This school
This time
Is so important
And fun
To them
I can understand
This feeling
And find it such
A blessing
Shasta College
The place that dreams
Come true
For us
Most students
Take it all for granted
Letting it all melt
Without a memory
To look back on
This page in the book
Of life
For me
This will be something
I treasure
(Shasta College,)
My friends
From other lands
Are special
Many could learn
From them
I am just glad
That I have
Had the pleasure
To share
This time
Chasing our
 Intercultural Night 2009 Photo #1

Intercultural Night 2009 Photo #2

2009 Intercultural Night by Sakib Shaikh

6th Annual Intercultural Night Celebration at Shasta College
The Intercultural Night celebration at the Shasta College was an amazing display of the vast diversity of Culture, Religion, Race and Ethnicity that we have in our Community. This event acts as a fundraiser for the Intercultural Club which is the most important source of link between the different cultures coming from various parts of the World to Shasta College. This Fund is utilized for various activities of the Club like camping, recreation activities. Apart from that the fund collected from this event also goes to donations for several good social causes in Shasta County and towards the social programs like Christmas giving trees, Cinco De Mayo, Pacific Islander celebration are the few amongst them. Their prime goal is to promote the value and respect of students, staff and faculty of diverse ethnic backgrounds at Shasta College.

This event had a lot to deal with what we study in our class. Tolerance toward people from different racial or ethnic backgrounds is what I saw in this event. All of them working together under the same roof to make this event successful so that it spreads a positive vibe around the community. The smiles that can be seen on everybody’s faces, the cheering up from the audience pumped up a lot of energy and enthusiasm in the performances. The most amazing thing I noticed is the ‘Food Factor’, People were standing in queues to taste the food from all around the world. The students wore traditional clothes from their respective country and culture gave a multicolor touch to the spectacular event. So in the end what comes to my mind is like this event, if all of us work together just keeping one thing in mind that we are all ‘Human’ and we all want a peaceful happy life, the World would be the best place to live in.