​Club Training Quiz​​

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Club Approval *

You may conduct official club business before you have been notified by the Dean of Student’s Office of your approval.

Clery Act *

Which of the following are designated as Campus Safety Authorities according the Clery Act that you should go to report if you witness any suspected crimes or suspicious behavior?

Quorum *

Quorum should be defined in your constitution and is the minimum number of officers, members and advisors that must be present in order for an official meeting to take place.

Denied Submission *

The biggest reasons why we would send a printing/advertising submission back is because it does not have the high resolution Shasta College_____ on the document.

Fundraisers *

Fundraisers are encouraged as this is how your club can acquire money to spend on club expenditures and can helps the club to be more active on campus; however, there are some fundraisers that are not allowed. Which fundraisers are not allowed?

Purchasing *

If you would like to purchase anything with club funds the completed and signed Purchase Requisition form must be submitted along with which of the following every time?

Purchase Order *

If you are going to be using a vendor various times throughout the year, for example, food services or the Shasta College print shop, you can submit a ______ Purchase Order.

Cash Box *

The Cash Box Request Form must be turned in to the DOS office _____ days prior to the event to allow enough time to get signatures and forward on to the business office to get ready.

Club Event *

If you would like to hold a club event on campus, what form will you need to submit to the Dean of Students office for approval to use the space?

Meeting Minutes *

Any decisions made at meetings must be reflected in the official meeting minutes by including which of the following:

Local Field Trip *

If the club is taking a field trip locally or one day out of the district, you must submit the Student Field Trip Application at least ____ days prior.

Other Field Trip *

If the club is taking an overnight or out-of-state field trip the club must first get approval from the board. In this case the Field Trip Application must be submitted no later than ____ days prior to the trip date.

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