​​​March-in-March (Sacramento,​ California)

The March in March is an advocacy event traditionally organized by the Student Senate for California Community Colleges (SSCCC). The SSCCC has a March in March planning committee that sets up the theme, dates, and location for the event. The event is organized in order to support CA Community College student leaders by engaging in legislative visits at the Capitol (Sacramento) to advocate for/against bills that may affect C.C. students statewide. The event also seeks to teach/empower student leadership skills that will help them throughout their life by bringing in guest organizations and speakers to make the event a truly immersive experience for all involved.
-Student Senate for California Community Colleges

March in March 2014

photo.JPG 2014 Student Senate at the Capital!
After a March for student advocacy we gathered for a picture in front of the Capital Building in Sacramento.
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Shasta College Student Senate President (Matthew Laurie) and Vice President (Chante Catt) volunteered to be Peacekeepers!

March in March 2012

  Renee Schneider-March n March

(Thelma "Renee" Schnieder pictured above- Shasta College SCSS President 2013/2014)

On March 5, 2012 the Shasta College Student Senate joined other students from across the State of California for the annual March-in-March!  

Student Senate usually tries to send a bus load of students and staff to this event, and the success of this event is dependent upon the participation of individuals with a passion for education.  


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