The following Shasta College employees were the recipients of the Student Senate Faculty/Staff Appreciation Awards and Order of the Lance Inductees

This annual event sponsored by the SCSS recognizes the Anti Apathetic staff at Shasta College that go above and beyond the usual classroom duties to help our students succeed.

2014 Faculty/Staff Award Winners!​

  • Tina Duenas- Student Services Coordinator
  • Daniel Valdivia - Counselor & Transfer Center Coordinator
  • Richard Fiske - Music Instructor
  • Jim Keating - Physical Education Faculty

2013 Faculty/Staff Award Winners!

  • ​Randy Reed- Geology Instructor
  • John Livingston- Equipment Operation & Mechanical Technology Instructor
  • Larry Grandy- Music Instructor

2013 Order of the Lance Inductees!

  • ​Peter Griggs- Communication Design Coordinator
  • Tina Duenas- Student Services Coordinator
  • Tricia Sanford- Adjunct Mathematics Instructor & Student Senate Advisor

​2012 Faculty/Staff Award Winners!

  • Bob Bittner-Math Instructor 
  • Ann Sittig- Spanish Instructor
  • Heather Wylie- Sociology Instructor
  • Terry Turner- Communications Instructor
  • Leimone Waite- Horticulture Instructor
  • Christina Berisso- Math Instructor

 2012 Order of the Lance Inductees!​

For individuals who continually go above and beyond...
  • James Barton- Director of Campus Security
  • Sherry Nicholas- Executive Secretary for the VP of Student Services
  • Denise Axtell- Director of Food Services