2016-17 Officers​ and Representatives​




 Allie Hancock, Student Services Coordinator

David Pearl, Instructor

Kevin O'Rorke, Vice President of Student Services




​President Emily Groth ​Elected
​Vice President Samuel Holly Appointed
​Treasurer VACANT Elected
​Secretary ​Chad Pittman
Will be appointed
​Justice ​VACANT Will be appointed
​Public Relations Officer ​Giselle Stadick Appointed
​Events and Activities Officer Filled Appointed
​Regional Affairs Demi Cain Appointed
​Shared Governance VACANT ​Will be appointed


Still interested in holding a Student Senate Officer 

position once the application deadline has passed?  


After the election there may still be vacancies in certain positions. Should you be interested in one of these positions, you may contact the Student Senate President for more information, scss@shastacollege.edu, room 2318.​

Special Program Directors


​Assistance Program Director VACANT
​Satellite Campus Director ​VACANT
​Advocacy Program Director ​VACANT



Accreditation Steering Committee (as needed only) ​VACANT
Budget Committee VACANT
​College Council Filled
Distance Ed. Committee (2 ex-officio) VACANT
​Enrollment Management Committee VACANT
​Faculty/Staff Diversity Committee ​VACANT
​Instructional Council VACANT
Student Equity Committee (2) VACANT
Student Success Committee ​Filled
Sustainability Committee VACANT


Student Senate representatives "Senators" are appointed by the Student Senate President. To learn more about serving as a Student Senate representative, please view the Student Senate Representative Packet. Representative applications for the 2016-2017 school year are now available. Click below for a representative application. ​​