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Dual Enrollment &
High School Articulation
The Shasta College Dual Enrollment Program is committed to providing students access to college level coursework and units while attending high school.  High school students will be offered clear pathways toward degrees and certificates in order to gain a jump start on post-secondary education and be more likely to complete an educational goal.  All classes are located on high school campuses throughout our district.


Student Information

Fall 2018 Dual Enrolled and Articulated Courses.pdfFall 2018 Dual Enrolled and Articulated Courses.pdf

2017-18 Dual Enrolled and Articulated Courses​

2016-17 Dual Enrolled and Articulated Courses (web).pdf 

College Application

College Catalog

College Degrees & Certificates


Instructor Information​

Course Request period for school year 2019/2020 will begin at the end of October 2018.

Faculty/Staff Resources


Minimum Qualifications for Faculty in California Community Colleges



Main Phone Number:  530-242-7694

Damaris Stevens, Director

Becca Snider, Student Success Facilitator
530-242-7694 or


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