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Are you a current, former, or an emancipated foster youth?

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Remedial Courses offered at Shasta College are level 200 or higher.

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Refer to CARE

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The CARE Program provides additional educational support services over and above EOPS.  Services includes: childcare and transportation reimbursements, additional textbook assistance, meal cards  and other educational related expenses to students who meet the eligibility criteria.

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By entering that last four digits of my social security number,  I affirm that the information I have entered on this form is true and complete.  I understand that any false statement made on this application may result in penalties, including, but not limited to being denied EOPS/CARE services or having to make repayment for services already rendered.  I also authorize the release of any information on this application for communication between Shasta College, the Office of the Chancellor, Department of Social Services, Shasta County Office of Education and Early Head Start.