Fall 2019 - Service Pick Up

By Invitation Only!​

(​Look in your email 8/12 for your invitation.)

You will be invited to Service Pick Up if all of the following are true for you. 
  1. You are a current, Fall 2019 EOPS student.
  2. You are registered for at least 12 units (9 units for PACE and SCI*FI or are approved to be registered for less).
  3. You have a student status of Good Standing, Academic Alert or Probation.
Scheduling an appointment to attend Service Pick Up. 
  1. An email will be sent to you on August 12th inviting you to Service Pick Up.
  2. A link to schedule an appointment ​will be provided.
  3. Schedule your appointment for Service Pick Up through the link provided in the August 12th email.
Service Pick Up Dates and Times:

By appointment - Wednesday, August 14th: 9am - 12pm & 1pm - 4pm

By appointment - Thursday, August 15th: 9am - 12pm & 1pm - 4pm

Drop In - Friday, August 16th: 9am - 12pm & 1pm - 4pm

EOPS Services​ 

Book Grant – 


  • Utilizing your book grant on the Redding campus
    • Based on your student status ​a book grant of up to $250 will be made available to you at the Shasta College bookstore. 
    • You may purchase or rent required books for the current semester through the Shasta College bookstore. 
      • If you rent you must provide a debit or credit card. 
    • Your book grant will be associated with you based on your student ID number.
    • You must present your picture ID at the book store to utilize your book grant.  
  • Utilizing your book grant from an extended ed site
    • Based on your student status ​a book grant of up to $250 will be made available to you at the Shasta College bookstore. 
    • You may order your books through the Shasta College bookstore website at https://www.bkstr.com/shastastore 
    • Your book grant is associated with you based on your student ID number.
    • Only order required books. Do not order anything listed as recommended.
    • If you want to order anything other than required​ books create a separate order and use a debit or credit card. 
    • If your book order exceeds your book grant amount you must enter a secondary payment type or your order will be cancelled automatically. 
​Lending Library

Unmet Need Supply Grant – 

  • Based on your student status ​an unmet need grant will be disbursed to you. 
  • The supplies grant is to help offset the costs of parking permit, student ID card, enrollment fees, the cost of printing needs, and transportation costs associated with school. ​
  • The Fall 2019 supplies grant is up to $200 (may differ depending on student status).
  • Eligible EOPS students who have a disbursement method set up with the Financial Aid Office will receive their supply grant on the first available financial aid disbursement. 
  • If you do not have a disbursement method set up go to https://www.refundselection.com/refundselection/#/welcome/continue to get started.