What is EPASS?     

EPASS stands for EOPS Peer Advisor Study Sessions, and at these Study Sessions EOPS Peer Advisors help students to better comprehend certain subjects they may be learning in their classes.  Peer Advisors do not "tutor" but instead accompany students in studying and finding sought knowledge on certain subjects.  So, rather than acting as an instructor who knows all the answers, they act as the students they are, which EOPS believes makes the learning process easier and less intimidating for students who attend EPASS.  Peer Advisors also give students advice as to what can be very difficult thing to do, and in order to make students feel comfortable, Peer Advisors stress that they are not tutors, but simply other students who want to also contain knowledge in the same areas as them.  Peer Advisors not only brush-up on their academic skills, but also learn how to interact with people with different learning styles from all aspects of life, which is only a benefit when entering the career world.