Patricia EOPS SOY 2011


After dropping out of high school many years ago, Patricia enrolled at Shasta College in 2008, knowing that education was a way to a better life.  By combining her history with the knowledge she has gained, she has developed into a gifted public speaker, poet, mentor and artist.  She volunteered with Student Senate, the Community Teaching Garden, the Shasta College Foundation, Artistic Endeavor, the Women's Fund, Special Olympics, and more.

Beyond her volunteer work, she was hired to coordinate the foster youth program on our campus, and to be an EOPS peer advisor.  In these leadership positions, she created study groups, shared college success strategies, and gave her students a sense of belonging.  In addition, she continued to work as a server at a local restaurant.

Community leaders observed her outstanding customer service and communication skills, and asked her to speak at their service organization meetings and at fundraising events.  In one of her first presentations, she told her story to a theater filled with one thousand people; last December, she spoke to a group of local professionals, and her presentation aired on KRCR television; and she was the 2011 Shasta College Commencement Speaker.

Patricia was selected as the EOPS Student of the Year for her academic achievement, ability to overcome hardship, and her contributions to others.  She was awarded the National Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Transfer Scholarship based on academic achievement, critical thinking ability, unmet financial need, will to succeed and breadth of interest and activities.  The UC Davis School of Law, King Hall Outreach Program selected Patricia to participate this July in their competitive four week intensive law school preparation program.

This fall, she will attend UC Berkeley to complete a BA degree in Media Studies.  Her future goals include obtaining a law degree and becoming a policy maker, published writer and renowned public speaker.



Heather started college knowing exactly why she was pursuing a higher education.  When she received her high school diploma, she was married raising two children and working a full-time job.  She had two more children and continued her marriage for fifteen years.  She worked as a bartender until the establishment closed and after two months of job searching, she came to the realization that her high school diploma wasn't enough for today's job market.

During her life she had been observing others on their jobs and when the time came for her to select a new career, she knew exactly what she wanted to do: become a pharmacist.  For many of us, this would have been a daunting goal, but this highly motivated, single mother of four took on this endeavor with great energy and determination.  She enrolled at Shasta College during the spring of 2010.  She is pursing a B.S. degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry at U.C. Davis followed by a Doctor of Pharmacy degree from U.C. San Francisco.

With a 3.75 g.p.a., Heather belongs to the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society, and hold the position of VP of Scholarships for the Beta Mu Mu Chapter.  She was the Student Senate Events and Activites Officer and represented the Science, Language Arts and mathematics division.

Her other volunteer activities always included her children.  They worked at the Halloween Carnival; manned and played games at the CARE family events; and at the Community Teaching Garden, they picked rocks and weeks, hauled and spread mulch, and shared conversations and stories that made the time fly.

As a parent, she serves on the Monarch Learning Center's School Council, supports her children in their recreation activities.  In her autobiography she wrote, "Everyday, I raise my children to have compassion and empathy for all living things."  She models the unflappable support and unconditional love she has received throughout her own life from her mother.  After she is a pharmacist, she wants to give back to her community by creating a fund to help people purchase prescriptions they can not afford.  As she said, "If I can make a difference in someone's life, every day of mine, my life is one worth living."