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Congratulations to our 2011 Student of the Year finalists.  Get to know our finalists and the Shasta College instructors who were an instrumental part in their academic success.

NANCY HICKSON - Patricia Boone

My favorite communications teacher, Nancy Hickson challenged my judgments, ideals and the way I interacted with the world that surrounded me.  She taught me how to speak eloquently and with power.  She encouraged me to continue to shoot for the stars and reminded me that my dreams were possible.  When the semester ended she began volunteering her time as my speech coach for various engagements.  Anytime that I needed a little extra push, she was there.  When we met I was just a student in a communications class, now due to her involvement I am a keynote speaker.  Nancy Hickson is truly one of a kind and has allowed me to find my voice within a supportive environment.

DR. SARAH McCURRY - Janice Daniels

Sarah McCurry has impacted me to an incredible extent.  After reading "The Omnivor's Dilemma" in her class my first semester, and learning about the importance of leading a healthy life, I decided to change my own life and since then have lost 90 pounds.  My entire life, I was always the heavy kid who turned to food for comfort and I truly think that without Sarah, I would not have taken that step to initiate a life style change.  She save me through her informative lectures and powerful voice and I am truly thankful.

RALEIGH ROSS - Michael Hammer

The person who drives me the hardest is Raleigh Ross.  He has pushed me and pushed me, sometimes to the point where I wanted to scream, but I continued on and it made me a better student.  His drive drove me.

LYNN KRAMER - Tabatha Lesher

My abnormal psychology instructor Lynn Kramer has impacted me the most.  Even thought the only interaction she and I had was during class when she is lecturing, she truly inspired me to be a great psychologist like herself.  The passion she has to help others and her determination to show students that abnormality is everywhere, has given me that extra push to finish my education and receive my degree.


Anita Maxwell is the Shasta College instructor that has impacted me the most.  She has always made time for me outside of the classroom and has written me countless letters of recommendation.  Her enthusiasm and excitement for the subjects that she teaches is motivating and never lacking.  Anita has always had patience with me and has been very encouraging.  She has inspired me to dream big and to pursue all of my goals.  I feel truly fortunate to have such a strong, positive, female role model while attending Shasta College.  Much thanks goes to Mrs. Anita Maxwell.


Mr. Woodruff, my first math instructor here at Shasta College, made me realize math is fun, not scary.  Even though he wasn't my teacher for Math 101 and 102, he still helped me keep advancing in math.  All of my instructors have an impact on my life because they have been a part of my journey, to make a better life for my children and myself.  I value them all.

JAMES CROOKS - Scott Noalan

Mr. Crooks has impacted me the most from an instructors point of view.  This instructor has really helped me improve my English skills while attending college.  My other classes that require English skills have become easier to handle, thanks to the efforts of myself and the English Instructor.


Mr. Schwabauer has helped me one-on-one in Math 14.  Math has always been my weakest subject area.  He set my mind at ease by helping me gain confidence and knowledge which helped me not get too "stressed out" prior to a chapter test.  He explained things so I understood the material which allowed me to understand my homework.  He has been patient and very understanding with me.  I would recommend anyone who desires to take Math 14, take it with Mr. Schwabauer.  I guarantee an excellent experience!

HEATHER WYLIE - Roxanne Reyes 

Heather Wylie has had a tremendous impact on me continually since I began here at Shasta College.  I have not had the pleasure of taking one of her classes as my association with her has been through Student Senate.  In addition to having a family with a young child, she manages to be available for her students, teaches classes, and sits on many committees and boards, continually striving to bring the most opportunities available to our student body.  She is leading the way in bringing service learning and community engagement to this college as part of the offered curriculum.  I can't see how she does it and sleeps too, but because she can do it, she gives me inspiration to drive on.

JOHN WHITMER - Elizabeth Ritter

Dr. Whitmer encouraged his students to view all sides of political and life issues.  He also encouraged students to develop their distinct point of view about politics and history.  He encouraged us to continue our education.


The teacher who has the most impact on me is John Livingston.  Coming to Shasta College my goal was to get a Heavy Equipment Certification and get back to work.  John Livingston changed my direction.  His dedication to develop a student's skill is above the rest.  He encourages and strengthens your goal to ensure your success.  He isn't done there, he also has a way of inspiring you to spread the news and training, teaching you to develop others, which strengthens a student even more.  I would not be as giving as I am if John Livingston didn't teach the sky is the limit for you.  He'll make you believe it!

JOHN HARPER - Sarah Todd

My art instructor, Mr. John Harper, impacted me the most through my experiences at Shasta College.  I met him in "Beginning Form Design and Color".  At first I thought I knew all about those things, but then I saw I was wrong.  John taught his class so well that I actually enjoyed the tedious work.  I also learned new terms such as organic and crystal graphic.  He taught very well with structure, but also left room for creativity.  I think the thing I liked the most about John's teaching style was his honesty, it helped me get better.