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Congratulations to our 2012 Student of the Year finalists.  Get to know our finalists and the Shasta College instructors who were an instrumental part in their academic success.


 Mr. Eckhardt made the online class process pleasant. His very frequent responses to my assignments made me feel very much not isolated within my own electronic bubble. Given my life schedule, online classes are essential in earning my degree.  

When I did not clearly understand a concept, either as a posting, quiz, or exam, he took the time to explain as best as he could determine where my misunderstanding was, and often pointed me to additional or re-reading to help me to clarify my misunderstandings.  

He was always willing to go the extra mile either with writing a recommendation letter for my scholarships, or subject related questions. Whatever it might be, he was very supportive and encouraging. Thank you, Mr. Eckhardt; you are an exceptional teacher! 

ANDY BLOOM - Tiffany Henry I have never been good at math and have always gotten very poor grades. Needless to say, I have always had an extreme dislike for math and would dread doing it, let alone going to a math class. Professor Bloom had a belief in me that I did not have in myself, and was convinced that I could not only do well in math but could understand the concepts that went into doing the math.

He gave me a new belief in myself that I didn't think would ever be possible. I will always be very grateful to him for taking the time to help me understand what I never could do before, and for giving me a new confidence in myself. He has made a very positive difference in my life. 
CAROL RUPE - Charlotte Gibson Her classes and teaching skills have shown me things in life that I didn't realize I had. Her instruction on goal setting proved I have a purpose and could accomplish important things. At this late age she has helped me overcome many obstacles, such as confidence in returning to school in spite of severe test anxiety, weight and health issues, clutter compulsion, emotional family traumas and the most difficult, financial burden. She is God’s gift to this growing senior citizen and greatly appreciated and showing me it's never too late!     
TERESA DOYLE - April Frazier Having been out of school for 20 years it was quite intimidating to start this new chapter of my life. Teresa made me feel comfortable and gave me the reassurance I needed to boost my self-confidence. Teresa also armed me with many skills that have been pertinent to my success thus far such as effective study habits and managing home life. She was, and still is, approachable for any questions or concerns. She truly cares about the success of the students.  
HIROKO MORI - Mary Cardin  She has impacted me the most through her inspirational advice to all of the students in her classes and the understanding and commitment she exhibits. When there are low scores on a test, she encourages the students to never give up. She tells us to come and see her for additional help if we need it. She makes herself available at times other than her office hours to promote the success of her students.  

She reminds us that she was once in our seat and says that there are still times when she isn't sure how to respond to someone in English. By telling us these things and admitting that she still struggles occasionally herself, we can relate better and that makes us want to try harder. Sometimes she asks us questions about English words that makes us feel like the "authorities" and by switching roles with us briefly like that, she has come to our level and we respect her even more for that. She says that failing is a part of success; it's part of the process.  

Everyone in her classes knows that Mori Sensei cares about the success of her students. She isn't only teaching us, she's an excellent role model who is also caring about us.  That is refreshing and inspiring.  
MARK SMITH - Angela Martinez  He has been a true inspiration. He is amazing and I don't know how he does it all. He is a great instructor with years of experience as a welder and an inspector. He loves what he does and it shows because he genuinely cares. He is an asset to the welding department. 
Mark attends all the Welding Club meetings, plans all activities and functions, locates grants to purchase equipment or instructional materials, and helps students obtain employment. That just names a few of the wonderful things he does. I consider myself lucky to have had him as an instructor. Thank you Mark Smith- you are the best. 
DR. MARVIN ABTS - Anthony Garcia
His dedication for teaching and serving students shows with every lecture and every lab. It is obvious that he loves what he does as a professor and impacts students not just for a semester but throughout their college careers. He has taught me what is expected of me as a student and how much hard work and dedication goes into the things you love. He has changed the way I look at school and has given me a great outlook for what to expect for the future. 
HEATHER WYLIE - Roxanne Reyes
Her selflessness and dedication to her family, students, campus clubs and activities, and community engagement is unparalleled. I continually strive to emulate all of the wonderful qualities and energy that Ms. Wylie shares with our world and feel very blessed to have had the opportunity to learn by her example. 
 She is a master in the field of Early Childhood Education and she takes extraordinary measures to ensure that not only is her curriculum successful, but her students are as well. She was the driving force in getting me involved in the ECEN Club which has led not only to my own deeper understanding of ECE, but to my increased community involvement. Linda is a high quality educator, a child’s advocate, and an inspiring woman.