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Congratulations to our 2013 Student of the Year finalists.  Get to know our finalists and the Shasta College instructors who were an instrumental part in their academic success.




DAVE WOODRUFF - Vita Benchasky


Mr. Woodruff inspired me to be the best at being me.  He took his time to show me and help me with anything I needed help with.  He encouraged me to achieve success.  His kind manner and wonderful sense of humor are   pleasant.  He became my inspiration from day one.  I enjoyed two math classes with him and know that those classes are what helped me to be where I am today.




Leanne Westphal has introduced me to several volunteer opportunities.  She has always been there for me and is an excellent instructor.  She really cares about the outcome of her students.


BOB BITTNER - Kelly Couch


Bob Bittner, what an awesome mathematician.  His patience and teaching style deserve a metal.  If you have ever hear the phrase "No child left behind", well Professor Bittner leaves no student behind.  He truly cares about his student’s success and believes that hard work and a good study habits are all it takes.  We put in the effort and he puts in his time, even going as far as teaching an extra class on Saturdays before a final.

CAROL RUPE - Charlotte Gibson

Ms. Rupe gave me the extra push when I didn't know if Family Studies was the right major for me.  She had just the right words.  “It is not going to be easy, but you can do it.” 


DR. MARVIN ABTS - Jennifer Janssens


In the endless hours and late nights that I spent in the Anatomy labs, Dr. Abts was there to explain any questions that I had.  He has devoted his life to helping his students master the subject of Human Anatomy.  I have learned the importance of committing the time necessary to study and have been more successful in my classes.


DR. MORGAN HANNAFORD - Sukhwinder Jhooty


Professor Hannaford's class assured me that I was in the right major and that I am following my strengths.  His wonderful teaching and care with his class    allowed me to get the highest grade in my college career.  He taught the subject sufficiently and strengthened my career goals.  His passion and interest in such an arid topic allowed me to put more interest back into my other classes.  




I truly enjoyed Dr. William's class as it challenged me.  She expected to see work that was at a professional level, preparing us for future endeavors in the business world.  She was a firm believer that hard work pays off and was an example of commitment and perseverance which she expressed through her relative personal.  She gave of herself above and beyond.  Dr. Andrea Williams encouraged me and supported me.  Her influence has allowed me to flourish academically, professionally and personally.




Rosie's leadership, knowledge and kindness have been paramount to my academic success.  There have been times when I wanted to throw in the towel and quit.  Rosie always reminded me just how much I have accomplished.  She reminds me that I can be successful and to believe in myself.  Without Rosie being an Advisor, Counselor, Teacher and Cheerleader, I would not be applying for EOPS Student of the year.


KEN NOLTE - Ryan Salas


Ken Nolte got me so excited about a career in natural resources that I could hardly contain myself.  His passion for the field of natural resources and for the success of his students is quite obvious.


LEIMONE WAITE - Brianne Sullivan

Leimone Waite's classes have given me the hands on experience that I needed to feel comfortable in the field. Her ongoing participation in school activities and her interactions with students continue to create a confident and comfortable environment.  Leimone gave me the opportunity to be her assistant at the Shasta College Farm working in the Horticulture department.  She introduced me to the local chapter of the California Native Plant Society and encouraged me to compete in an international horticulture competition called PLANET.  She allowed me to explore my own creativity and I am so very grateful for having Leimone as a mentor, educator, and friend. 

DR. CANDACE BYRNE - Nancy Tonnemacher


Candace Bryne helped put me at ease with her earnest commitment to helping when I was nervous and apprehensive about coming back to school.  She was very knowledgeable and always more than willing to give her time and encouragement.  She brought out in me a desire to learn and the love of reading and writing again.  She is truly an amazing individual.

Dias, Heidi; Neal, Julia