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Congratulations to our 2014 Student of the Year finalists.  Get to know our finalists and the Shasta College instructors who were an instrumental part in their academic success.

KEN NOLTE Brandon Campbell                                                                    

The instructor who has had the most impact on my academic success is Ken Nolte. On a weekly basis, I went to Ken's office while he was attempting to get his work done, and his door was always open. He took the time to get to know me as an individual and encouraged me to be the best student I could be.

Without his direction and support I would not be where I am today. Ken also has been greatly involved in our Natural Resources Club, attending meetings and promoting club activities. His involvement and dedication served as an example of the kind of a person I want to be academically and professionally.  The fact that Ken encouraged and believed in me means a great deal. Thank you Ken!

DR. DIVAN FARD Camille Gallagher                                                           

Dr. Fard has been a positive influence on my life and made a great impact on my academic success from the first day I met him. From the moment I introduced myself, he believed in me and the genuineness I felt from him encouraged me to carry a positive attitude toward my overall education. Each day, I was captured by his enthusiasm, friendliness, knowledge of chemistry, and his passion for teaching.  

I always loved to learn, but not until I had Dr. Fard as an instructor did I fully believe in my capabilities as a student. My success at Shasta College is not only a reflection of who I am, but a greater reflection of the faith Dr. Fard had in me. To this day he shares nothing but kind, positive and influencing words that help me continue my success as a student. I am so very grateful that Shasta College has instructors such as Dr. Fard to influence and enlighten each student.

SUSAN KAUFFMANN Brenda Heard-Duncan                                              

I have had many wonderful instructors over the past 3 years, but the one who has had the most impact on my academic success has been Mrs. Kauffmann. I was in her English 190 class last semester.

Mrs. Kauffmann took the time to explain things to me after class so that I never had to go home without understanding our daily lessons or how to do the homework. If there was any part of our lesson that we did not understand she would go over and over it until the whole class understood.

When I had personal problems at home, I always felt Mrs. Kauffmann really cared about the outcome. She has been the best instructor I have ever had. After taking her class, I became a much better writer than I thought I ever could be. I am forever grateful to her for taking the time to help me understand and retain the information she was teaching in her class.

DR. SARA McCURRY Crystal Johnson                                                               

I had Dr. McCurry for English 1A last semester, one of the many English classes she teaches.  I chose her as the teacher who most influenced my academic success because I admire her in many ways.  This lady is dedicated to her job and her students.  I have seen her truck parked on campus on a Sunday!  She has a young daughter and somehow manages to juggle her roles as a mother, wife, professor, friend, and gardener.  She gathers stacks of essays, some half-heartedly written and puts her all into correcting them, making sure her students are getting the most out of their education.  She is kind, cleaver and just real; she makes it easy to learn because she treats her students as equals.

The topic she covered in English 1A really provoked some life changing thought for me as well.  We discussed and studied various aspects of nutrition and that led me into deeper investigations on my own.  We also talked about the importance of rowing your own food and seed saving.  As a result my son and I are starting our first garden.  Because of this woman, I am no longer intimidated by a thesis statement and am confident that I can write a quality college level essay.

MARGARITA CORDOBA Cammellia Lopez                                           

Senora Corodoba was a very caring teacher; she made me work hard and was very fair. I remember thinking “gosh why is she so hard on us”, but you know what else I remember, I earned an “A” in her class and that was the best because I knew how hard I had worked for it. She was always easy to talk to and she honestly cared about her students and wanted them all to succeed.  I think she is a great instructor and I am glad I had the chance to be in her class. What I learned from her was that no matter how hard the class is, if you put in the time and the effort, you can succeed!

DR. LAUREN HOLLINGSWORTH Bridget McGinniss                          

One professor who has been the most influential to me at Shasta College is the English instructor, Lauren Hollingsworth.  As a student in her English 1C, I was able to greatly improve my critical thinking, reasoning, and writing skills.  Her course was rigorous and required many hours of reading and writing papers, but she made the class time enjoyable and kept students engaged during lectures.  I always remember her being willing to go over a paper with you before you had to turn it in and willing to spend hours on one paper to help you succeed.  Instructor Hollingsworth was an exceptional education and in addition, she has supported me by writing multiple letters of recommendation for jobs and universities.  Professor Hollingsworth is an excellent asset to her students as well as to the English department.

DR. SCOTT CROES Shaylee Nannery             

Dr. Croes is exemplary example of how an instructor should conduct a class.  His enthusiasm for teaching is motivational and encouraging.  I believe that in order to teach a subject to a student, one must be passionate, organized and patient.  Dr. Croes possesses all of these qualities.  His passion for teaching sets the environment for a truly successful educational journey.  Science has never been a great subject for me, but I have found myself excited to go to class because I am learning.  I appreciate the experience Dr. Croes has provided and I hope that other instructors appreciate his style as well.


Mrs. Savage is an instructor that truly cares about her students. Going into physiology, I was full of fear, fear of not being smart enough and fear the everyday challenges of dealing with my daughter's health.

Mrs. Savage was helpful, caring and her teaching was organized and clear. She made herself available to me and other students and she made physiology interesting to learn.

I have chosen Mrs. Savage because she believed in me and encouraged me to push through whatever was coming my way. She always asked how I was and how my daughter was feeling. Not only did I have an amazing instructor, I also gained a friend and she has impacted my life in so many ways.

BELINDA HANSON Joseph Soto Hockenberry

Professor Hanson helped me achieve academic success in a number of ways. First, in both the two and three-dimensional design courses, she guided me to create my best work through her excellent instructional approach which is both supportive and critical. She provided me with honest criticism, but she has a talent for phrasing it in a way that is not personally offensive. She has also provided me with a lot of encouragement, and her belief in me is contagious, to the point that it has helped me to ignore the     overly-critical and self-doubting thoughts I have about my ability as an artist.

Second, Professor Hanson has helped me outside of class as well. I know she is extremely busy and has very little spare time, but she never hesitated to help me when asked. She has answered numerous questions regarding artists, artwork and the process of creating art. She has given me insightful advice on creating a portfolio, pursing a graduate degree, and career pursuits. She took the time to write me a letter of recommendation and complete a multiple page evaluation of me for a scholarship.

Finally, Professor Hanson has been there for me when I needed someone to talk to while I was dealing with a personal matter. She listened to my concerns with empathy, which helped me to overcome the negative emotions I was experiencing at the time.

Professor Hanson has had an extremely positive influence in my life, and instructors like her are the reason why I have had academic success in college. She truly cares about her students, and is sincerely interested in guiding them on a journey of self-discovery and personal growth, which has fueled my motivation to push myself to the best of my abilities.

BOB BITTNER Lynette Wilkie                                                         

I entered Math 102 previously and had to drop it in order to wait for Mr. Bittner.  His technique in teaching was geared to my understanding.  He would continue to put examples on the board until I found a way that worked for me.  He was always available to answer questions after class or during his office hours.  I'd like to take this moment to express my gratitude by saying, "Thank you!"