In order to qualify for EOPS, you need be 'economically and academically disadvantaged.'  What does that mean?  

A.  To determine whether you meet the "economically disadvantaged" criteria: 

Complete the BOG fee waiverYou must be BOG 1 or 2 eligible. 

The BOG is also available in the current Shasta College Schedule of Classes and at the Financial Aid Office.   

B.  Being "academically disadvantaged" means that you meet any one of the following criteria: 

  1. You are not qualified to enroll into minimum level English (Engl 1A) or math (Math 102 or 110) courses required for an Associate Degree, or 
  2. You do not have a GED or high school diploma, or 
  3. You graduated from high school with a grade point average below 2.5, or 
  4. You were previously enrolled in remedial courses either in high school or college

If you meet the eligibility criteria, visit the Application Steps page for more information about applying to EOPS.