Spring 2020 Grade Check Available March 1st

Fulfill your 2nd EOPS contact by completing the Spring 2020 Grade Check form.  

    • Pick-up a hard copy from an EOPS office (Redding, Tehama, Trinity, Inter-Mountain) or go to the EOPS course on Canvas and print the form.
    • If all your classes are on Canvas and you have at least a 'C' or 70% in all courses, you can fulfill this Grade Check by submitting a screen shot of your Canvas grades. 
      1. You can print your screen shot and turn in hard copies to an EOPS office (Redding, Tehama, Trinity, or Inter-Mountain).
      2. Or you can submit your screen shot by uploading it the "assignment" in the EOPS Canvas course.
      3. Be sure to get your name in the screen shot!
    • For a grade check to fulfill your 2nd contact you must submit a completed Grade Check form or your Canvas screen shot by Monday, March 23rd by 4:30 pm. 
Seeing All Your Canvas Grades at Once on a Computer

​Don't know how to see all your canvas grades at once? Watch the 18 second video below to see how

(Hint: for this to work your Dashboard has to be in Card View)​


 Content Editor



Purpose of the Academic Progress Report 

The progress report allows you to connect with your instructors to see how you are progressing and allows EOPS/CARE to identify students who will benefit from academic assistance such:

  • Follow-up counseling to develop or revise your education plan
  • Referrals to relevant on and off campus resources such as tutoring, study skills, etc.

Tips for Completing​ Progress Report 

  • Stop by your instructor's office during their office hours
  • Make an appointment to see them
  • Catch them after class, if they are available
  • Email them if the option is available
  • Don't ask your instructors to fill out your progress report right before class is starting
  • Don't leave the progress report with your instructors
  • Don't procrastinate and do your progress report at the last minute!