Fall 2018 progress reports must be submitted by October 26, 2018, by 4:30pm to count as a 2nd contact.
Click Here​​​ ​​for your fall 2018 Progress Report


Purpose of the Academic Progress Report 

The progress report allows you to connect with your instructors to see how you are progressing and allows EOPS/CARE to identify students who will benefit from academic assistance such:

  • Follow-up counseling to develop or revise your education plan
  • Referrals to relevant on and off campus resources such as tutoring, study skills, etc.

Tips for Completing​ Progress Report 

  • Stop by your instructor's office during their office hours
  • Make an appointment to see them
  • Catch them after class, if they are available
  • Email them if the option is available
  • Don't ask your instructors to fill out your progress report right before class is starting
  • Don't leave the progress report with your instructors
  • Don't procrastinate and do your progress report at the last minute!