Click Here for Contact List for Final Fall 2015


 Contact our office today to schedule an appointment to see your counselor.   

(530) 242-7540 

Fall 2015 Contact Due Dates:  
1st Contact     Friday, September 25
2nd Contact    Friday, October 30
3rd Contact     Friday, December 18
Counseling appointment made after December 18, 2015 will not count as a Fall 2015 contact

Contact Incentive

It has been proven that students are more successful in achieving their educational goals when they have a connection with the college other than just attending classes.  Contacts with EOPS staff and counselors are integral part of the students' success.
Students are required to complete 3 contacts each semester.  The 1st and 3rd contact must be completed with an EOPS counselor.  The 2nd contact may be completed by meeting with an EOPS approved counselor, completing a satisfactory Academic Progress Report, or attending a Student Success Seminar.
To better serve you, students attending classes at the extended sites may conduct their contacts via telephone with their EOPS counselor.  Students at the Tehama Campus may see Rosie Gilbert-Ahrens.  Contact the Tehama campus directly to schedule an appointment to see Rosie at (530) 529-8980.

Benefits to meeting with your EOPS Counselor 

  •  Identify and remove educational barriers  
  • Prepare your Educational Plan.  This helps provide a clear picture of the courses you need to complete your academic goal. 
  •  Check your progress and ensure programs and services are being provided.  Plan necessary changes as needed to enhance your success. 
  • Prepare for the next semester of classes or to discuss future plans if you are leaving the EOPS program or the college.