May 7, 2014

Taking classes this summer?  Services for summer will be a $25.00 gas card and a Book Voucher (EOPS will pay for all your required books for summer).

Submit your summer class registration and a list of your required books from the bookstore website to EOPS by Friday, May 30th.  Vouchers will be available for pickup on June 2nd.

Extended sites students may interoffice the required information to our office.  We will submit your vouchers to the bookstore on June 2nd.  The bookstore will send your books to your site.

April 25, 2014

EOPS Students who earn a degree from Shasta College may receive a voucher to purchase their commencement cap and gown.  Students must be a current 2013-2014 EOPS student in good standing.  To request a cap and gown voucher begin by completing the EOPS Grad Exit Form. 

Once complete, contact EOPS to schedule a time for you to receive your Cap and Gown Voucher starting May 1st.  Please bring your current Unofficial Shasta College Transcript.

April 10, 2014

Gas cards are available between April 21st -25th for current EOPS students who have completed their 1st and 2nd contacts on time.  (Restriction students are not eligible)

Click here to see if you are eligible: S14 Contact Incentive Eligible

Students at the extended sites may request their gas card online between April 21st - 25th at:

Extended Sites Service Request Form

We will send out the gas cards on Monday, April 28th to the extended sites for students who put in their request. 

March 24, 2014

Supply cards are now available for current EOPS students with a current Ed Plan on file.  The supply cards are $25.00 each and may be used to purchase academic supplies only.  See below for a list of approved items.  Students may use their cards at the bookstore or on the bookstore website.

Students at the extended sites may request their supply card online at: 

Extended Sites Service Request Form

We will send out supply cards every Monday to the extended sites for those students who put in their request the week before. 

Examples of approved items include:

  • Calculators (Scientific & Technical)
  • Report Covers, Folders, Binders
  • Dictionaries, Thesauruses
  • Scantrons
  • Flash Drives and CDs, DVDs
  • Recorders & Earphones
  • Paper & Writing Instruments

 Personal supplies such as food, cups, clothing, earrings, or other non-academic related supplies are NOT authorized.