Academic Divisions

Arts, Agriculture, Industry and Technology (BAIT) and (EWD)

​Eva  Jimenez - Dean -

Business, Agriculture, Industry and Technology (BAIT) and (EWD)
 Dr. Ralph Perrin - Dean -

​Career and Technical Education

Daniel Haskins - Associate Dean

Distance Education (DE)

Tom Orr - Dean-

Health Sciences (HSUP) 

Kathy Royce - Dean -

Library Sciences & Educational Technology 

Will Breitbach - Dean -

Safety, Physical Education, and Consumer Sciences

Science, Language Arts and Math (SLAM 

 Dr. Frank NIgro - Dean -  

Special Offices

International Education Program
Phone:  011-530-242-7626

Assessment Office
Phone:  011-530-242-7751

Admissions and Records
Phone:  011-530-242-7650 

Transfer Center
Phone:  011-530-242-7735