Applying to Shasta College is very easy to do! You must complete our international student application packet and submit some additional information. You may download our student application or request a paper application. After we have received your completed application and you have met all the necessary requirements, we will process your acceptance and send your acceptance documentation by mail. Please refer to the most Frequently Asked Questions about Admissions or How to Apply sections for specifics about our admissions process. 

Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. When should I apply for Admissions?
International students can apply and enroll at Shasta College two times during the year (Fall and Spring). All documents for admission must be submitted by the following deadlines:   

Application Dates
Fall Semester  April 30th    Classes begin mid August
Spring Semester  November 1st    Classes begin late January


2. What requirements must I meet to gain admissions?
Students must be able to read, write and speak English at a level necessary to actvely pursue a full-time academic program. English proficiency is demonstrated by taking one of the following language proficiency tests:

Language Proficiency Tests 


Website Link  

(Test of English as a Foreign Language)
The Shasta College Institutional TOEFL
Code is 4696






 Internet Based Test (IBT)



 Computer Based Test (CBT)


(International English Language Testing Systems)


STEP Eiken 
(Society for Testing English Proficiency - Japan)
​​Grade 2A
or above​​
PTE Academic
44 or above 


3. What if I do not have a Minimum Score for the Language Proficiency Test?
International students who meet all the admission requirements except the aforementioned English Language proficiency may be admitted as provisional students and must take and pass the ESL classes and maintain a full-time (minimum 12 units) status as per USCIS regulations before achieving regular admission status. The initial placement level for the ESL classes will be determined based on assessment.
These tests are not required for the following categories of students:
ESL students or students whose native (first) Language is English.
Students who have transcripts from a U.S. university/college showing completion of college level English (English 1A) with a grade of C or higher.
Students who complete The American Language and Culture Institute (ALCI) located at California State University, Chico, prior to attending Shasta College.
Students who completed Level 600 of the University of California Davis’ Intensive English Program (UCD-IEP) with an overall GPA of 3.0 (out of 4.0) or better except for its writing course. The writing course grade has to be a B or better.
Students who have spent one or more years at a U.S. high school.
Students who are certified by our international partners that they meet the English proficiency for study at U.S. Colleges.

4. Do you have an ESL Program?
Shasta College has an ESL Program that is offered through the Division of Pathways and Learning Support (PALS). You can view the classes that are offered through the ESL program office.

5. How much does Shasta College cost for international students?
Estimated expenses for one academic year. U.S. Dollar amounts below are approximate:

Total Estimated Cost$21,165.00 (20-21 Academic Year)
     Tuition and fees are paid each semester (not in an annual sum).
     All other expenses are paid separately. 
     Summer Session (optional) - There are no unit requirements.
     Summer Session fees are not included in the above total. 


Tuition, Basic and Enrollment Fees      


Enrollment and Services Fees for 20-21

Books and Supplies




Total for 20-21: $8,905.00

* based on $326.00 per unit for the minimum of 12 units for 2 semesters, plus campus fees, and are subject to change without notice


Estimated Living Expenses                    


Room and Board


Health & Accident Insurance


Personal Needs





How to Apply ~ Steps to Enroll
An international student who wants to attend Shasta College must apply for admissions . Remember all of this information can be found online. Shasta College has a downloadable    International Student Application    that makes applying very easy (you must have Adobe Reader or plug in to read this PDF fileClick here to download Adobe Reader.). All of the necessary forms (health and financial statements) are included in this file. You may also request a paper application.
In either case, you will be asked to provide the following documents.


1.   Complete all application documents 
  Originals or official copies of the following documents must be submitted:
Application for Admission (with instructions),  TOEFL scores, Transcripts, Financial Documents, Health Statement


2.   Submit Language Proficiency Test 

Submit a language proficiency test:  
    Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL)**
    International English Language Testing Systems (IELTS) or
    Society for Testing English Proficiency - Japan, (STEP Eiken)

3.   Submit official English translations of secondary and post secondary transcripts 


4.   Complete Confidential Financial statement 
  The Confidential Financial Statement must be completed and signed by person guaranteeing payment.

5.  Completed Health Statement and Evidence of Health Insurance 
  Provide evidence of an active health insurance policy before you register for the semester. If you do not have an active health insurance policy then you will be required to purchase a plan. Information regarding this plan will be mailed to you (upon request), if you need to acquire this service. You may also visit the following website at

You will also be required to provide evidence that you have received all required tests and shots before you will be admitted to Shasta College:  Tetanus, Measles, Mumps, Rubella and Polio, and proof of current Tuberculosis Test (PPD) or chest x-ray for tuberculosis (taken within the last 3 months).


6.   Application Fee 
  A non-refundable $100.00 (USD) application fee must be submitted by money order or check only. (Information on Application Instructions)


7.   Submit Documents to: 
  Shasta College
Attn: International Admissions Specialist
P.O. Box 496006
Redding, California 96049-6006

For Registration Questions
    Contact Cindy Silva (+011) 530-242-7665

For Questions Regarding the International Program
    Contact The Global Education Center at​ or by phone: (+011) 530-242-7626


I-20 Issued 
  Upon acceptance, Shasta College will issue acceptance your I-20 will be sent to you within five business day which will allow you to apply for the F-1 visa